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  • UniCredit & Universities Foundation
  • Piazza Gae Aulenti
  • UniCredit Tower - Tower A
  • 20154 Milan, Italy
  • Tel +39 02 8862 4383/40

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working paper series

Welcome to UniCredit & Universities!

The on-line “UniCredit & Universities Working Paper Series" gathers the best works produced by all UniCredit employees as well as those produced by outside economists such as the Foundation’s scholars and fellows. The Working Paper Series' purpose is to promote the circulation of the research results, with the aim of stimulating comments and suggestions.

The works received will be selected by the Scientific Committee, on the basis of an assessment of the techniques employed and scientific value of the paper. All Group employees can contribute to enriching the UniCredit & Universities Working Paper Series, by sending their work to the Foundation.

Papers must be written in English and may cover many different fields of interest , such as economics, banking, finance, political and social sciences. The subjects and methods of investigation chosen reflect the views of the authors, who are entirely responsible for the opinions expressed and the conclusions drawn, without committing Unicredit and the Foundation in any way. Papers must be sent via e-mail, both in PDF and word formats, to the following contacts: annalisa.aleati@unicredit.eu and giannantonio.deroni@unicredit.eu . In addition, the certifications for the privacy and the authorization to publish the work have to be attached to the e-mail. Both the forms have also to be sent via ordinary mail to the Foundation' address.

UniCredit & Universities Working Paper Series










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