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Support for studies - International internship program

Welcome to UniCredit & Universities!

May 6, 2016 – It's closed the third UniCredit International Internship Program!

The competition offers grants to students for a summer internship abroad at UniCredit, in any of the following countries: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Serbia, United Kingdom.

The internship will take place during the Summer 2016.

Each winner will receive a grant of €700 per month after tax for the entire duration of the internship abroad. In addition, the Foundation will pay the winners a fixed amount of €1,000 for travel, visa or any other expenses.

For all the details download the announcement

The winner selected are:

Marco Gottschalk - Vienna (Austria)
Xhoni Marku - Vienna (Austria)
Marta Rossi - Vienna (Austria)
Riccardo Spina - Vienna (Austria)

Aleksandra Despic - Banja Luka (Bosnia ed Erzegovina)
Eugenio Rubera - Banja Luka (Bosnia ed Erzegovina)
Anupam Sharma - Mostar (Bosnia ed Erzegovina)
Boratay Uysal - Sarajevo (Bosnia ed Erzegovina)

Ruslan Boitsov - Munich (Germany)
Federico Cardin - Munich (Germany)
Emanuele Meloni - Munich (Germany)
Camilla Mercadanti - Munich (Germany)
Adam Maryniok - Munich (Germany)
Paolo Pili - Munich (Germany)
Lea Urbancic - Munich (Germany)

Sebastian Heri - Budapest (Hungary)
Fjorda Vacchetti Ceci - Budapest (Hungary)

Fabio Arcidiacono - Milan (Italy)
Najma Bader - Milan (Italy)
Marco Bizzarri - Milan (Italy)
Dillon Butolph - Milan (Italy)
Giuseppe Calarco - Milan (Italy)
Silvia Compagnone - Milan (Italy)
Giulio Cornelli - Milan (Italy)
Iris De Stefano - Milan (Italy)
Ilaria Del Curatolo - Milan (Italy)
Gabriele Guidoni - Milan (Italy)
Eugenia Zhivotova - Milan (Italy)
Atina Koljervina - Milan (Italy)
Anastasia Koveyko - Milan (Italy)
Niccolò Lapini - Milan (Italy)
Francesco Mazzola - Milan (Italy)
Agata Mroz - Milan (Italy)
Agnese Montagner - Milan (Italy)
Jennifer Padovan - Milan (Italy)
Tommaso Panzavolta - Milan (Italy)
Philipp Salli - Milan (Italy)
Anze Stular - Milan (Italy)
Xin Xiao - Milan (Italy)

Marco Cersosimo - Warsaw (Poland)

Pierluigi Poli - London (UK)

Andrea D'Isola - Prague  (Czech Republic)
Hailing Wu - Prague  (Czech Republic)
Flavio Minelli - Prague  (Czech Republic)

Marcello Leandro d'Agostino - Moscow (Russia)
Vitalii Vanica - Moscow (Russia)

Emilio Madonia - Belgrade (Serbia)
Georgina Vucicevic - Belgrade (serbia)


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