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Support for research - UWIN Best Paper Award

Welcome to UniCredit & Universities!

16 May, 2018 - NOW CLOSED the call for papers for the 8th UWIN Best Paper Award on Gender Economics. The competition is aimed at all young economists and researchers from the countries belonging to the geographical area of UniCredit and rewards the two best papers on gender economics.

I vincitori sono:
Rossella Calvi con il paper " Why Are Older Women Missing in India?
The Age Profile of Bargaining Power and Poverty "
Felix Weinhardt and Richard Murphy con il paper  Top of the Class: The Importance of Ordinal Rank
- See more at: http://www.unicreditanduniversities.eu/it/fellow/show/fellow_id/17?edit=true#sthash.BR2MqezZ.dpuf

The two best papers will receive €2,500 gross each and will be published in the Working Paper series of the Foundation.

The competition is open to all young researchers from UniCredit perimeter who meet the following requirements:
1. be either citizens of any European country where UniCredit is present or currently employed or enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a university or institution located in any of these countries (also within the geographical area of UniCredit)
2. be born after 1982

2018 winners are announced by the end of May.

For more information download the announcement.

Here are the winners 2018:
- Corekcioglu Gozde with the paper "Headscarves and Female Employment"
- Anke Becker  with the  paper "On the Origins of Son Preference and Female Genital Cutting"

- Daniela Piazzalunga con il paper "Till Money Us Do Part: Property Division at Divorce and Married Couples' Time Behaviour"

- Annalisa Frigo e Eric Roca con il paper "Now She Is Martha, then She Is Mary": the Influence of Beguinages on Attitudes Toward Women"

Picture of the past winners during the workshop at Bocconi University on December 12:


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